You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 or MP4

How to Use YouTube to MP4 conconver

After opening the youtube conconver, first paste the youtube link of the video format that needs to be converted into the text box. If you have multiple videos that need to be converted, then add all of them to the software for batch conversion. You can click "Add" Video" button or double-click the blank space of the main interface of the software to add.

conconver select youtube hd mp4 format

Click the inverted triangle button behind the preset scheme to open the format menu. On the left side of the format menu, you can see that there are multiple options, such as common video, common audio, high-definition video and various digital device options, etc. Since we need high-definition video format , then open the "HD video" option to select the high-definition mp4 format.

conconver output youtube to mp4 video file

Check the output view to see if there are black borders. If there is, use the software's video black border removal function to remove all the black borders, so as to avoid re-transferring when the conversion does not meet the requirements. Click the "Video Edit" button to enter the video editing window, you can see that there are two views, the left window is the original view, and the right window is the output view.

The conconver cuts youtube to mp4 video files

There are black borders on the top and bottom of the original view, but because the size of the original video is small, when it is converted to a larger-sized high-definition video, black borders appear on the top, bottom, left, and right. All edges are cut off, drag the dotted line in the original view window on the left to cut.

conconver remove youtube video watermark

Other functions in the video editing options, such as youtube video watermark removal, how to edit video, etc. will not be introduced here. At this point, you can set the storage directory of the output video, and then click the Convert button to convert the output video in HD video format.

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