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As we all know, videos are divided into qlv, flv, qsv, avi, mp4 and other formats. However, when playing a video, it is found that the video is incompatible and cannot be played. When the video cannot be played, we usually convert the format to the commonly used mp4 format to improve the compatibility of the video. How to use the video conconver, let's use the youtube video conconver as this case to convert the video.

Preparation before using the youtube conconver

The converted video file should be prepared before conversion. Since the video in flv format is to be converted into mp4 format, a video file in flv format is prepared in advance. At the same time prepare a conconver capable of converting video formats.

how to use youtube conconver

After preparing the video files to be converted and the video conconver, first select the 'video conversion' function we need to use in the conconver. Of course, if you want to perform other operations, you can also choose video editing methods such as 'video split' and 'video merge' as needed.

Then it will enter the video conversion interface, at this time, add the flv file prepared in advance to the interface according to your own needs. When adding, you can click the 'Add File' and 'Add Folder' options in the upper left corner, or you can directly add videos by dragging and dropping.

Then adjust the video format and video resolution of the file output in the output format. Because the flv format is to be converted to mp4, so when adjusting, pay attention to setting the output video format to the mp4 format that needs to be converted, and the resolution can be adjusted to the 'same original file' or other desired resolutions.

Then customize the location in the output directory where the converted video files will be saved to the computer. In order to find files conveniently, you can usually set the directory to the computer desktop or other paths that are easy to find files.

After all the above adjustments are made, click the "Convert" option on the right side of the file tab or the "Convert All" option in the lower right corner to convert the added flv video to mp4 format as needed and output to the specified path.

View successfully converted files

A progress bar will appear during conversion. When the progress bar reaches 100%, it means that the video has been converted. At this time, we only need to check the converted mp4 file according to the preset path of the output directory or click the 'Open' option overlaid on the 'Convert' option.

The above is how to use the video conconver. When converting, pay attention to setting the video format in the output format to the mp4 format that needs to be converted. And if you want to reverse convert the mp4 video file to the flv format, you can also use the same method to convert.